The True Story of the Newsies Strike of 1899

There were no child labor laws in New York in 1899. No rules identifying what an acceptable work day for a child, or the conditions in which that work should take place. As you can imagine, it was messy and hard, and if you were unfortunate enough to be an orphan or a runaway, well […]

C.S. Lewis and the World of Boxen

You probably know that C. S. Lewis wrote the much adored Chronicles of Narnia, which included the classic, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. What you might not know, is that C. S. Lewis had been a writer all his life. Even as a child he strove to let his imagination take form and […]

Alan Turing’s Death by Poison Apple Theory

If you don’t know who Alan Turing is, you should. You’re probably reading this on the thing helped invent; the computer. Alan was instrumental in winning World War II and saving millions of lives. He was forgotten from the history books for years because of his sexuality but he has slowly gotten the recognition he deserves. […]

Making Monsters

Episode 19’s podcast was all about Monster’s Inc. If you haven’t listened yet, please head over to Fancy Pants Gangsters and take a listen. If you have listened, you know that we talk about the humble, yet scary beginnings of monsters in cinema. Some monsters’ looks date back to fables and old books. In this article, we […]

4 LGBTQ Stories We’d Like To See As Disney Films

The other day I found myself pondering how Neil Patrick Harris had never played a Disney Prince. I mean, it is a crime. The man is talented, charismatic and has a killer voice, all the hallmarks of a Disney Prince. Then I began thinking how amazing it would be if he and his husband David Burtka […]

The Story of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Spider

One of the best attractions at any Disney Park is the Haunted Mansion. Along with the spinning tea cups, flying Dumbos, and it’s a small world rides, it delivers that classic Disney feel that most fans are still hold on to. When visiting California last night and of course making a stop at Disneyland, I […]