Our Favorite Lilo and Stitch Tattoos

To go along with our latest episode of Babes of Wonderland, we’re sharing a list of our favorite tattoos featuring Lilo and Stitch. ┬áSome are simple, some unique and some are downright impressive. Whatever your style, I think we can all agree these tattoos are amazing!      

Traditional Disney Tattoos

As tattooing grows in popularity, it’s only natural that people with an extreme love of Disney get in on the act, and boy have they. The market for tattoo artists who have a knack for Disney pieces has boomed over the last five years. So much so, that even artists who don’t specialize in the […]

Disney Tattoo Sleeves

Disney fans show their love by permanently putting a design on their body. Extreme fans get a whole tattoo sleeve and they are a thing of beauty. If you need inspiration or a tattoo artist to adorn you with Disney characters, look no more!

Sweet Little Disney Tattoos

Lots of Disney characters are sweet and can be simplified┬áto be little and simple which lends to making fun tattoos. Small tattoos are a good way for people that don’t want to showcase large art on themselves but keep a little piece of Disney with them always. It’s like playing find the hidden Mickey on […]

Disney Tattoo Huddle – Park Inspired

To most Disney fans, it’s well known that the Disney Parks and some of the most magical places on earth. For those whose loves of Disney intersect with their love of tattoos, it’s natural to want to keep part of that magic with you. The result, some amazing Disney Park tattoos. Here are some of […]

Disney Tattoo Huddle: Watercolors

Many people alive today grew up with Disney in their life in some way. For people like us that make blogs and podcasts dedicated to the company, it makes sense to have some body art honoring some of our favorite things from Disney on our skin. Numerous tattoo artists and styles are on walking canvases.