An Interview with Samantha Rei

Samantha Rei is a fashion designer, nerd, and cartoon-haired wizard. She will soon be on your TV participating in the sixteenth season of Project Runway and was nice enough to talk with us about pop culture and fashion.

Interview with Artist Abe

Abraham Lopez is a talented illustrator that combines comics and Disney in clever ways. Many of his pieces have been cosplayed and worn to Disneyland. He took time out of his busy convention schedule and answered some of our burning questions.

An interview with Leo Camacho

Disneybounder, pin creator, and all around Disney fan, Leo Camacho was able to stop impersonating Prince Eric for long enough to answer some of our burning questions.

Epic Star Wars Cross Stitch by Heather Wray

To go along with the latest episode of Babes of Wonderland, in which we discuss Star Wars: Rogue One, we decided to get the scoop on this epic Star Wars cross stitch from our friend Heather Wray. Some of you may remember Heather as the crafty goddess behind our Emperor’s New Groove Stamp as well. […]

Mom Interviews Inspired by Brave

Brave is a unique Disney tale where the focus is not one of romance. The movie shines a light on the Mother/Daughter relationship. The hosts decided to ask their Moms some serious and eye opening questions to their mothers to bring a different perspective tot he podcast and now to the blog. While some of the […]

Interview with Miss Chrissy Lynn

We all have that one friend that does so many creative things that you wonder if they even sleep. Chrissy Lynn is that friend that I am always excited to see what she has come up with next. She is an amazing makeup and hair artist plus a spectacular cosplayer.

Interview with Rebecca “Aktrez” Adams

Sometimes in life you are lucky to encounter awesome people and even luckier to call them friends. This week I talk with my good friend, Becky Adams. She is an avid Disney cosplayer. You’ve probably even seen her on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay.

An Interview with Maid of Might

Our seventh episode of the podcast is all about the movie Tangled. I thought of Maid of Might right away from cosplaying in the Super Hero Disney Princess group together. She recently debuted a new Tangled mash up costume and was nice enough to chat with us about it.

David Terres Interview: Prince Philip Costume

On Babes of Wonderland’s 5th episode, Laurel and I discuss Sleeping Beauty. Prince Philip is the first prince we see in a Disney movie that has any kind of back story or personality. He is not a common costume at conventions so when you see a good one, that nostalgia hits you hard. David Terres makes […]