The True Story of the Newsies Strike of 1899

There were no child labor laws in New York in 1899. No rules identifying what an acceptable work day for a child, or the conditions in which that work should take place. As you can imagine, it was messy and hard, and if you were unfortunate enough to be an orphan or a runaway, well […]

Totemism and Brother Bear

Brother Bear uses totems as a big plot point in the movie. While the movie got the basics correct, we wanted to give you, even more, information to this Inuit belief. 

Enchanting Vintage Photos of Disney Parks

As summer comes into full swing, your social media feeds fill up with all of your friends and family taking well earned vacations. It’s both inspiring and envy creating. It’s funny to think that 15-20 years ago you had to show physical copies of pictures to express the good time had by all. My parents […]

The Original Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians we know and love today such as Rocket and Groot were not originally part of the team in the first appearance in 1969. we do however get a glimpse of them in the new movie which only super fans would have noticed. I sure didn’t until I did this article.

C.S. Lewis and the World of Boxen

You probably know that C. S. Lewis wrote the much adored Chronicles of Narnia, which included the classic, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. What you might not know, is that C. S. Lewis had been a writer all his life. Even as a child he strove to let his imagination take form and […]

Alan Turing’s Death by Poison Apple Theory

If you don’t know who Alan Turing is, you should. You’re probably reading this on the thing helped invent; the computer. Alan was instrumental in winning World War II and saving millions of lives. He was forgotten from the history books for years because of his sexuality but he has slowly gotten the recognition he deserves. […]

Walt Disney’s Life in Pictures

Walt Disney was born in Chicago’s Hermosa Neighborhood in 1901. He had three older brothers, Herbert, Raymond and Roy, and one young sister, Ruth. In 1911 The Disney family moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Where both Walt and Roy started working as paperboys when not attending school. Though his grade’s slipped due to his work […]

Lefou & The Many Shades of LGBTQ Disney

By now you’ve probably heard that Lefou, in the new live action Beauty and the Beast film, is the first confirmed gay character in a Disney film. If you’re like me, when you first heard this news you were a little worried. The first confirmed LGBT character, and he’s a villain’s henchman? This could be […]

Making Monsters

Episode 19’s podcast was all about Monster’s Inc. If you haven’t listened yet, please head over to Fancy Pants Gangsters and take a listen. If you have listened, you know that we talk about the humble, yet scary beginnings of monsters in cinema. Some monsters’ looks date back to fables and old books. In this article, we […]