Emily Might be the Biggest Disney Fan Ever

Emily Simpson is probably my new favorite person because he unabashedly loves Disney. So much so that she has spent over £15,000on Disney products. Laurel and I can’t even come close to that. *whispers* maybe someday…

Disney Dooney and Burke Summer Designs

Dooney & Burke x Disney has more purse and bag designs just in time for the summer season. Designs featuring themes from The Princess and the Frog, the Haunted Mansion, and a Disney World patterns are ready you.

One-of-a-Kind Disney Figures

Disney doesn’t have an end to toys it seems and yet artists use already produced figures as a canvas to make some spectacular works of art. Here are some great examples of just those.

Mother’s Day Tsum Tsum Japan Release

Mother’s Day is coming up and while Disney doesn’t always have a lot of early stories where the Mom is in the story, there are a few out there that make good mother and child sets. So if you are in Japan or have a hook up there that can ship items to you, save the […]

LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Makeup

Arrr there mateys! Are you a sea fairing pirate or a siren from the sea? If you answered yes, then LORAC has the makeup for you. Okay, in reality, this makeup is for anyone whether they sail the seas or not. Hit the jump and release the Kracken!