Force Friday II Recap

Target has launched Force Friday 2 today online and participating locations. While the giveaways and balloons happened at midnight, you can still visit one of the stores and shop the newly released items. 

Back to School Disney Style

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Daddy, I’m not a fool.” – Adam Sandler I’m not implying any of you are fools. That is what I think of first when I see it is back to school season. Nothing personal. In fact, I want to help make this more magical at school […]

An Interview with Samantha Rei

Samantha Rei is a fashion designer, nerd, and cartoon-haired wizard. She will soon be on your TV participating in the sixteenth season of Project Runway and was nice enough to talk with us about pop culture and fashion.

Emily Might be the Biggest Disney Fan Ever

Emily Simpson is probably my new favorite person because he unabashedly loves Disney. So much so that she has spent over £15,000on Disney products. Laurel and I can’t even come close to that. *whispers* maybe someday…

Her Universe SDCC Fashion Show Disney Designs

Her Universe held it’s fourth annual fashion show at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday night. All of the designs are pop culture related but we were most excited about the Disney themed apparel. Safe to say they’d all be fun to wear!