Thor inspired Crafts and Fan Art

To celebrate the release of, and our latest episode about, Thor Ragnarok, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Thor inspired crafts and fan art. From the complicated to the just plain cute, any true Thor fan will enjoy all the items on this list!



If you’re looking for something offbeat and appropriate for all ages, look no further than this Thor inspired knit snail. You can buy the pattern and make your own, here!




This piece of fan art depicts Thor and Loki as baby dragons, I mean can it get any more tough yet cute? Find it here.



Maybe you want to get a little more in-depth with your crafts, well look no further than this tutorial which will walk you through all the steps of making Thor’s new helmet featured in Thor Ragnarok.




This artists take on a pivotal Ragnarok scene is entitled, “How to Train Your Helpupper”. Find it and other amazing alternative takes on the film here. 




Looking for something more festive? This Loki snowflake should check that box.




This adorable duo can be found here on Tumblr.



This equally adorable tutorial will teach you how to make your own Thor tsum tsum and turn it into a charm.




Maybe you didn’t get enough interaction between your favorite characters, well Thor fans have you covered. Find this series here. 




Maybe you’re a big fan of Thor and love an inside joke, well Mew Mew Mjolnir is here for you.




This beautiful print of our favorite feuding brothers takes our breath away and can be found here. 




Have some hidden ceramic skills? Take a tip from this craftmen and make a mug worthy of Valhalla.





However you celebrate your love of Thor Ragnarok, be proud and have fun! Oh, and make sure to listen to the latest episode of Babes of Wonderland, where we review the film and talk about how the film will tie in to Avengers Infinity Wars!

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