The Best Disney Makeup Looks for Halloween

It’s Halloween and you don’t want to go as a cat or a witch for the fifth year in a row, so you decide to do something bold and fun. Then you realize you’re actually pretty decent at makeup, or maybe you have a friend who is, and then you realize that you can capitalize on that for the perfect Disney Halloween costume!

Well, here are some of our suggestions for the perfect Halloween Makeup!

Probably the most classic of extreme Halloween Makeup choices is Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent.


Find a tutorial here.


Feeling ambitious? Take on this intricate Hades makeup design.


You can find the in-depth tutorial here.


Maybe you’re looking for something more simple and sweet. Well look no further than this Minnie Makeup design.


The tutorial can be found here.


This Yzma makeup is Brilliant! Brilliant I tell you!


See the tutorial here.


Looking to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies? Try this Scar makeup on for size.


Find the tutorial here.


For something a little more down to earth, haha… might we suggest this stunning Te Fiti makeup?


You can find the tutorial here.


Looking for something classic? You can’t go wrong with this Sally make-up look.

Image result for Aleena averly sally makeup

Find the tutorial here.


How about some how to tips for your Ariel costume? Traci Hines has you covered!


Find her tutorial here.


To conjure your friends from the other side, try on this Dr. Facilier makeup!


Find the tutorial here.


Maybe you want to channel your inner sci-fi badass, well look no further than this gamora makeup.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora Makeup Tutorial

You can find the tutorial here.


You could get inspired by this classic Peggy Carter look from the Captain America films.


Find the hair and makeup tutorial here.


Keep to the Dark Side with this Darth Mal makeup.


Find the tutorial here.


Okay, so we said no cats, but the Cheshire Cat is different, right?

Chesire Cat

You can find this tutorial here.


And okay, maybe you like witches, well here’s a great tutorial for everyone’s favorite Sanderson sister.


You can find the tutorial here.


Whether you try out a new look, or stick to your favorites, we hope you all have a happy and glamorous Halloween!

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