Force Friday II Recap

Target has launched Force Friday 2 today online and participating locations. While the giveaways and balloons happened at midnight, you can still visit one of the stores and shop the newly released items. 

I’m an old so I couldn’t make the midnight festivities but I did get up early and head over right when the shop near me opened. Straight away, Force Friday advertising on the glass doors welcomes you. Once you walk in though, the display isn’t in the front area. It’s at the back which seemed really disjointed. Wookie foot prints on the floor leading to the display would have been a nice touch. (Dear Target, hire me to design next Force Friday’s experience.)

One thing they needed to do right this time was have more Rey merchandise and advertising. The first Force Friday got a lot a heat for not including Rey in very many items even with her being one of the main characters. It started the hashtag #WheresRey which opened up a very much needed conversation about inclusivity.

The new items feature characters from The Last Jedi such as a Rose Funko Pop, a BB9E Sphere droid, and Elite Praetorian Guard figures. Rey collectibles and cardboard cut outs were sprinkled everywhere you look. Someone paid attention to the hashtag, thank goodness!

The display takes up a whole side of an aisle plus some stand alone displays. There was still a lot of product left at my local store so I snagged a Forces of Destiny Leia and Wicket figure and the Last Jedi sweat-shirt that is so soft I’m not sure if I’m even really wearing it. I didn’t pick up one of the Porgs but holy crap the ones that make sound are adorable. I took a video on our instagram so you can experience the cuteness.

I was hoping for a little bit more in the specific Force Friday display area but the toy section set up with Rey and Porgs was awesome. If you can’t make it to a Target, they have most everything online. They really should ask local costuming groups to randomly walk through the store throughout the day or have the employees wear red Star Wars shirts. That would make it feel like a true store take over.

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