Back to School Disney Style

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Daddy, I’m not a fool.” – Adam Sandler
I’m not implying any of you are fools. That is what I think of first when I see it is back to school season. Nothing personal. In fact, I want to help make this more magical at school with some cool Disney products. Check them out!

Let’s start from the feet and work our way up. You’re going to be walking a lot from class to class, so a good new pair a shoes is essential. Target has some really cute and inexpensive lace ups that are sure to please.

Feet also need socks to keep your toes warm in the chilly fall air. They’re also needed so your feet don’t start smelling really bad. Or is that just me? Kohl’s has lots of Disney styles to choose from.

Sweatpants are a must for school life. Who studies in jeans?! If you see anyone doing that, throw a pair of these pants at them. You’ll save their life. Hot topic has numerous pairs for you to bring joy to your dorm.

New outfits are important to heading to to the classroom. A fresh shirt can make you feel empowered and fly. BoxLunch has some of the best Disney clothing for adults right now. Dress down or dress up with their Disney fashions.

Everyone needs a backpack to carry all those back breaking books around. Might as well look cool while doing it. JanSport has come out with a new line of Disney bags that are super affordable. Some are subtle and others are more in your face Disney fanatic.


Sometimes a backpack is too much and you need just a little cross body bag to get you through the day. Your back needs breaks too. Why not bring Winnie the Pooh with you to cheer you up when you start to feel like Eeyore?!

Students need something to write with. While mechanical pencils are great, there is something therapeutic about sharpening a real pencil. Get some super cheap Tsum Tsum pencils here. Or if you are a rebel that doesn’t worry about making a mistake, there are cute pens to use too.


Pencils need paper to write on. Get a gold foil fancy notebook that shows off how much of a classy person you are! Typo has what you need.

Stay hydrated with some flair. R2D2 has got you covered. You can even do flavored water with this droid. He means serious business.




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