New Disney Fashion by Cath Kidston and Unique Vintage

From villains to fairies, these new lines of whimsy pieces are ripe for the wearing. Your wallet has been warned!

Cath Kidston has teamed up with Disney to bring clothing and accessories straight out of Neverland. The soft palettes and designs of Cath’s designs lend well to Mickey, Dalmatians, and Tinker Bell. The company has created functionally adorable totes, makeup bags, and sweet clothing. Even though I don’t love Tinker Bell, I’m going to need the blouse.

Unique Vintage launched a collection called The Happiest Collection On Earth which is all Disney inspired. Their newest collection focuses on our favorite bad guys and girls. Villains often steal the show and with these simple, yet affective pieces will win any Disneybounding day.

I say if you want some great pieces for any size, hit up Unique Vintage for the clothing and for the super cute accessories, Cath Kidston is your best bet. You can’t go wrong with either of these collections.


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