10 The Princess and the Frog Roaring Cosplays

The Princess and the Frog is a wonderfully beautiful movie with great characters that help bring more diversity to the Disney princess genre. Like most Disney movies, the characters get the cosplay treatment.

While it takes place in the 1920’s and many of the characters have multiple costume changes throughout the movie, it doesn’t seem this movie gets near enough cosplay love. With that being said, the people that do wear and create these costume are meticulous and spot-on.

Super Hero Tiana by Princess Mentality Cosplay. Super Villian Dr. Facillier by Jasmine Gipson. Photo by Rick Basaldua.

Prince Naveen by Noé López. Photo by Mora-dany.

Blue Gown Tiana by Marissa aka Little Miss Mint.

Green Gown Tiana by Aleu Moana. Photo by Chi Hong Wong.

Waitress Dress Tiana by Myriam McFly. Photo by KomoriBat.

Lottie by NaruDossu and her dad as Big Daddy. Photo by Purachinaa.

Dr. Facilier by Daysuke. Photo by Hipérion Cosplay & Photography.

Yellow Dress Tiana by Junsuina.

Pink Dress Charlotte by Rayi Cosplay. Photo by Cijavel.

Mama Odie by unknown. Photo by Techno Buffalo.

Feature image from Disney World.

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