Her Universe SDCC Fashion Show Disney Designs

Her Universe held it’s fourth annual fashion show at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday night. All of the designs are pop culture related but we were most excited about the Disney themed apparel. Safe to say they’d all be fun to wear!

Judith Ann Grivich’s “I. Am. Groot.” inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy

Tanya Apuya’s “Ohana Means Fashion” inspired by Lilo & Stitch

Caroline Liu’s “From Rags to Riches” inspired by Cinderella

Adria Renee’s “The Haute of Te Fiti” was inspired by Moana

Sam Skyler’s “The Wayfinder” inspired by Moana

Lauren Andrews’ “Doctor Strange’s Journey” inspired by Doctor Strange

Rachel Roth’s “Tano Couture” inspired by Star Wars: The Clone Wars (My personal Favorite)

Lynne Marie Martens’ “Enchanted Rose” inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Rose Ivy’s “Sorceress Supreme” inspired by Doctor Strange (Winner)

A round of applause is owed to all the designers that were in the show. The designs get better and better every year. These awesome photos come from HoustonPress and taken by Chuck Cook.

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