Why I Want the House in The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap was released in 1961 at the height of the mid-century modern era. While the hair was maybe not the best for Sharon or Susan, the decor and house were amazing.

Let’s start with the front porch. Those large columns and foliage are bold and beautiful. The ranch has a southwest feel throughout. The terra cotta roofing tiles are doubled up which is epic and probably expensive. Vicky probably loved that.

I’d have that same look on my face if I walked into a living room like that. The mosaic stone walls and huge wood beams are gorgeous. The windows up the stairs have a unique pane pattern which are highlighted by the painted tiles leading up the staircase.

Oh look, an almost cubist looking stained glass divider leading out into the patio. I’ll take three of those sectionals in different colors, please.

Pretty plants & flowers, a pond, and perfect stone and tile landings are cool by themselves. Together, they are breath-taking. Don’t even get me started on the iron work. I SAID DON’T!

For real?! A deck overlooking the awesome patio space attached to bedrooms… I can’t.

The deck leads into the bedrooms through ornate French doors and showcase classic mid-century modern furniture. That dresser is perfect. Sigh.

I would change nothing in this bathroom. That shower is large for the 1960’s and the tile ties in much of the rest of the house with its design. Even the wall/door color slays and is hot in today’s market.

And now for the kitchen. The shape of the island is spectacular and one of a kind. The wood paneling looking cabinets look so high quality and different that it doesn’t even bother me. The hood for the stove puts modern designs to shame. And the brick painted wall will always be in style.

More photos of this dream house can be found here. I’d switch places with either the twins just to live in the house for a week.

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