D23 Expo Tsum Tsum Sets

Someone that’s going to D23 Expo please get all these sets for me. For real, all these sets are freaking fantastic. 

The exhibit all you Disney fans are waiting for and only so many get to enjoy is releasing a different set of Tsum Tsum’s each day. On Friday, get your hands on the Star Wars Trooper set which includes six storm troopers from the franchaise. The set costs $29.95 and comes in a special box adorn with our favorite clones. Limited Edition 1000.

Another set released on Friday is one that is super dear to my heart; the Jolly Holiday Marry Poppins set. Retails for $29.95 and is a limited edition of 1000. Comes with Mary, Burt, a carousel horse and a dapper penguin. This set also comes in a special box with a handle as well.


On Saturday, an eight set of Pixar Short Tsum Tsums featuring four different shorts will be released together. Two characters from Boundin’, Presto, Piper, and For the Birds. We are loving that Disney is making more Pixar Tsum Tsums sets. This one will cost you $59.95 and is also an edition of 1000.

Finally, on Sunday, the big finale set will be released featuring Chip and Dale the Rescue Rangers complete with their plane. The set will include Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack, Gadget Hackwrench and a mini Zipper. The set will cost $39.95. You’ll want to head the to Disney store at the expo right away to get these sets because they’ll probably sell out fast.

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