Disney Genderbent Cosplay

For Disney fans cosplaying has long been a way to express devotion and enthusiasm about our favorite characters. In fact, it’s so popular that Disney cosplay can be seen at almost every comic-con and convention that happens yearly around the world. Some of our favorites even reimagine those classic characters as the opposite gender, this is called genderbent cosplay. (Yes we’re aware you probably already know that.) Whether it’s a male Cruella or a female Hades, these costumed geniuses take their visions in all directions and we love it. Below are some of our favorites:

This woman pulled of the perfect female incarnation of Hades from Hercules.

Hades by Jacklinn


Male Maleficent sports armor and devilish horns.

Maleficent by Haku Cosplay



This fantastic female Aladdin cosplay is one step ahead.

Aladdin by Gennadia


Female Han Solo never wants you to tell her the odds!

Female Han Solo by Milkchess


This male Storm looks ready to save the day.

these-50-disney-crossover-cosplays-take-mash-ups-to-a-whole-new-level (1)
Male Storm by Beyond Creative Costumes


This cosplayer actually does a ton of genderbent cosplays, and you should check her out, we’re loving her Captain America.

Captain America by Ivy Nix


This amazing duo cosplay features two genderbent characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jack and Sally


Female Oggie Boogie’s make-up is on pointe ya’ll.

Oggie Boogie by Battyjuice Cosplay


Cruella is devilish as any gender.

Cruella De Vil by Haku Cosplay


This amazing Dr. Facilier genderbent cosplay was featured on the Cosplaying While Black Tumblr, and we love it!

Dr. Facilier can be found featured here. 


Is there anything better than this duo Guardians of the Galaxy genderbend cosplay? We think, not much.

Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay featured here


This female Peter and Hook look ready for some adventure.

Female Peter and Hook by Ms Pepper Potts


Female Lumiere is original and fun at Disney World’s Halloween Party.



Pocahontas looks amazing in this reimagined cosplay.

Pocahontas by Junkers Cosplay


Black Panther looks stylin’ with those wild tresses.

Black Panther
Black Panther by Gathering Storm Cosplay


Female Rocket has the firepower.

Rocket by The Stylish Geek


Classic Cap and Bucky look tough and in charge in this genderbent cosplay.

Classic Cap and Bucky by Lilrenald’s Cosplay


And finally, this female Kuzco cosplay makes our day.

Kuzco by Lux Cosplay




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