Atlantis Milo Thatch Disneybound

For our latest episode on Atlantis: the Lost Empire, our host Laurel was inspired to do a little Disneybounding. There are so many amazingly costumed characters in this film. From Kida’s blue wrap skirt, to Audrey’s oversized overalls and Mole’s aviator cap and coat, any one of them would have made great fodder for a casual interpretation. In this case though, Laurel couldn’t help but take inspiration from the somewhat geeky but ultimately heroic Milo Thatch.


Milo’s signature outfit in the movie, a long green coat and clothes in complementing natural tones, is something that most people could pull from their closet. Top it off with some fun funky glasses and you have yourself a modern day genderbent Milo Disneybound outfit. Laurel took to the rough edge of her backyard for this picture (ignore the glimpses of civilization in the background).


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