Celebrate the Fourth of July Disney Style

America’s Independence Day is all about fireworks, pride, and freedom. Everything is colored ed, white, and blue. While our country still has a way to go to freedom and equality for all, it is a good excuse to get together with friends and family. This year, bring some Disney flair to your celebration.

I’ve compiled treats and decorations that would be pretty simple to make yourself to make your Fourth of July as magical as possibly. Whether you have kids that can share in the activities or are tired of the same old tacky holiday items to choose from, these are sure to make the celebration happier!

Make Mickey ears with glitter pom poms to mimic fireworks.

Combine old decorations and some Disney character plushies to make a one of a kind wreath.

Everyone can use a little decoration themselves so make a hair bow out of ribbon and beads.

Purchase a Mickey paper punch to adorn tables with festive confetti.

Update some old pins with red, white, and blue paint or purchase an already themed pin from ebay or etsy.

All good parties have a sweet treat. Use Disney cookie cutters for fun fruit shapes or make some colored chocolate dipped cookies to recreate Mickey heads.

Create some fun jewelry to showcase your pride in both America and Disney.

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