Disney Dooney and Burke Summer Designs

Dooney & Burke x Disney has more purse and bag designs just in time for the summer season. Designs featuring themes from The Princess and the Frog, the Haunted Mansion, and a Disney World patterns are ready you.

First up is a design that can already be found in select Disney parks and features a new pattern called Walk in the Park and features a sketch style. The design comes in purses, wristlets, totes, and even magic bands.

The next two new designs to be released later this summer feature one princess we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing on Dooney & Burke bags yet. Tiana from The Princess and the Frog is the main focal point of the first tote and the art style is beautiful. It’s about time she was a focus.

The Haunted Mansion has graced many D&B collections but the new one features a wallpaper-type pattern with Madame Leota. If you don’t have a Haunted Mansion purse yet, this one is a good starter design because it combines lots of iconic parts of the spoopy ride. Be on the look out for the official release this summer!

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