10 Crafts for Bored Kids This Summer

School’s out for summer! Well, for most kids it is anyways. As is tradition, the kids will start saying they are bored within a week. We’ve compiled some fun crafts that you would be proud to showcase in your home or use on the daily. Let’s get craftin’!

Keep the little kids busy with some homemade slime. Apparently, this is really big right now. This recipe is called Frozen Troll Slime. Gooey fun!

Coasters are always useful and the wool colored ball look is hot right now. It should always be hot because it’s adorable. These are way easier than one would think. Learn how to here.

Create some Minnie ears to clip into the hair instead of putting them on a headband. These are fun for kids and adults and simple to make. Details shown here.

Plastic bead art has been around for over a decade. While that ages me, it’s been good news for kids to create their own art for years. Make a Donald necklace or a Dasiy headband with these instructions.

Have the kiddos make something you can give to family members or use yourself. Bath bombs are a great project, especially when you can make fancy looking ones. Beauty and the Beast rose bath bombs directions here.

Children get dirty during the summer, more importantly, their clothing gets dirty. They can create their own play clothes with Mickey on it. Tie dye is a lot of steps so they’ll probably need help with this one but the results are awesome. Learn how here.

Do you have your own Alice that needs a door knocker to her little wonderland (bedroom)? If so, this is a really cute idea makes me want to do it myself. Pattern here.

Offspring grow quick which means lots of new shirts every year. We know that feeling when you can’t fit into one of your favorite shirts anymore. The good news it that you can take those old Disneyland shirts and create pillows. Everyone should know how to use a sewing machine so if your kids don’t yet, this is a good introduction. Start your new pillow fight weapons with this guide.

We all need a little nightlight for bedtime. This Moana Heart of Te Fiti is just the ticket to add some glowing courage to any room. Prepare for glitter everywhere with these directions.

I found this image with no directions but seems straight forward enough. Find a flower vase or pot, paint with acrylic purple paint. Next, take some hot glue or Elmer’s glue and create the hunny drips off the lip of the container. Once dry, paint the drips yellow for that authentic hunny feel.

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