One-of-a-Kind Disney Figures

Disney doesn’t have an end to toys it seems and yet artists use already produced figures as a canvas to make some spectacular works of art. Here are some great examples of just those.

Gravity Falls Dipper My Little Pony by Antych

Nightmare before Christmas Zero My Little Pony by Jupiternwndrlnd

Pirates of the Caribean CalypsoMonster High Doll by BrideOfSmithenstink

Jessica Rabbit Monster High Doll by OskArt Dolls


Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Lego Mechs by Moko

Davy Jones Munny by Mallory Carson

Mickey Mouse Dunnys by The Wuz

Disney Food Munnys by Zard Apuya

Maleficent Dunny by Jenn and Tony Bot

Stitch by Reactor88

Alice in Wonderland Vinylmations by Miss Mindy

Chewbacca Funko Pop! by Riverspoon Studios

Glitter Tiana Funko Pop! by Pop Glitter Customs

King Triton and Sebastian Funko Pop! by Darth Dusty

Wicked Witch Funko Pop! by Mjolnir Studio

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