Disney News Round Up

There has been a lot of Disney news circulating the last few weeks, from a new live action musical for ABC, to Disney Park news and fashion, there’s lots to catch up on. So let’s dive right in!

Is Ellen’s Universe of Energy making way for a new Guardians of the Galaxy Ride?


Walt Disney world in Orlando recently procured a permit for the area surrounding Ellen’s Universe of Energy at Epcot. This well loved, but dated ride has seen better days, and has been on the list for an update for quite a while. Rumor has it WDW is considering replacing the pavilion with a Guardians of the Galaxy Ride, and with Disney’s recent revamp of the Tower of Terror in Disneyland to include a Guardians themed ride, it seems likely. Still others are saying the new attraction could be based on Tron, perhaps a light cycle roller coaster, like the one earning rave reviews at Shanghai Disney.


Little Mermaid Live Musical Slated for ABC

The Little Mermaid - 1989

Following in the footsteps of recent live musicals on network TV, like Peter Pan and Hairspray. Disney has announced they will be producing the Little Mermaid on ABC. This is not to be confused with Live Action film being worked on by Lin Manuel Miranda. Look here for more information.


Disney and Coach premiered a new line of handbags and accessories


A partnership between Disney and Coach has produced a new line of handbags and accessories featuring Mickey Mouse. The products are now on sale exclusively at Coach Outlet stores and run the gamut of purses, backpacks, key chains and bracelets. Get the full scoop here.


LuLaRoe premiers new Disney Inspired Patterns


The LuLaRoe brand seems to be everywhere now a days, with pop-up sales stretching as far as the eye can see. Now they’re branching out with some licensed merchandise from Disney. The patterns include everything from Mickey and Minnie to Disney princess inspired pieces. Learn more here.


Donald Trump may not speak in the Hall of Presidents


Despite several petitions garnering thousands of signatures, Donald Trump will be included in the Disney attraction, Hall of Presidents. The compromise? He is probably not going to speak. Sources at Disney site the reasoning as both to avoid alienating guests from the attraction, as well as not wanting to appear that Disney itself supports some of the more extreme views the president espouses. More details can be found here.


Disney Pictures may have found their Princess Jasmine


The live action Aladdin film, directed by Guy Ritchie, may have found their Princess Jasmine in Egyptian/Yemeni actress  Jade Thirlwall. Thirwall is a member of the Birtish girl group Little Mix and it is assumed she would have to take a step back from the group to fulfill filming commitments. More information can be found here.


Sam Mendes to Direct Live Action Pinocchio 


Sam Mendes, the director best known for American Beauty and Skyfall is lining up to put his mark on a Disney classic. He’s in early talks to direct a new live action film based on the 1940’s animated film Pinocchio. More details here.

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