Pet Disneybound: Rocket Raccoon

Disneyboudning isn’t just for humans. Rocket Raccoon is my favorite member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, so I thought it would be fitting to have my cat, Koopa, disneybound as him. Here are the results.

Service animals can be brought into Disney parks and if my critters were near a park or service animals, they’d for sure have to wear an outfit. Although he’ll never get to wear his Rocket costume to Disneyland, Koopa now has a Halloween costume for this year.


This disneybound was thrown, sewn, and glued together with things I already had around the house. To be fair, I cosplay a lot so I had quite a few materials to choose from. The only item I purchased just for the costume was the orange shirt. Koopa is a Mainecoon so he already has the coloring and looks of a raccoon. Plus he is mouthy like Rocket so this is the best Disney/Marvel character for him. He is a lot fluffier than Rocket but he seemed to enjoy the outfit enough. I hope it gives everyone a good laugh because I couldn’t stop cracking up watching him parade around the house in it.

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