Disney x Coach Outlet Collection

Coach and Disney started their humble roots around similar times. Disney in the 1930’s and Coach in the 1940’s. They both have large followings that adore what they do and now they have teamed up again for their outlet stores. Let’s dive in and see what the collaboration has birthed.

Mickey Ears are always in style and make the statement that you are a Disney fan. These bags were a big part of their launch last year. I understand why they added the ears to the purses and while it is very sweet, it has been done before. Kate Spade (who were recently bought by Coach) did an exclusive online Minnie Mouse collection of purses that were more successful in my opinion but I do like how Coach as more color options of the ear purse.

The collection offers multiple styles of bags and vintage Mickey types. The simplicity of these is more the type of Coach bags that look higher end and are more successful if a fan wants to look chicer in their fandom. The different colors and minimal designs also give way to a more unisex appearance so anyone can use these.

The outlet items include scarves, shoes, bag tags, key chains, and bracelets. You can view everything on their website. To purchase any of these items, you’ll have to head to the nearest Coach Outlet store near you or wait until they are on resale sites. I suggest getting to the store if you can and this week because these items are all limited.

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