Interview with Artist Abe

Abraham Lopez is a talented illustrator that combines comics and Disney in clever ways. Many of his pieces have been cosplayed and worn to Disneyland. He took time out of his busy convention schedule and answered some of our burning questions.

1. Your work is heavily influenced by Disney and comics. What is it about these characters that you love?

Like most nerdy folk, they’re my childhood. My parents used to own a video store when I was younger so I watched movie after movie and eventually realized that Disney movies are the cream of the crop when it comes to animation and story. Comic books were something that was always around the house since my brothers collected them. These were all fantastic and inspiring visuals to grow up with. They set the example of what the imagination can do. Whether being animated animals singing or a character with a dark past, cool costume and gnarly claws popping out of his hands….. Oh how I wanted a genie to give me mutant powers when I was a kid!!

2. Your mashups are fun and fit together so well. How do these ideas come you?

Awww shucks! Thank you! It really is just my personal favorite things that I usually mash together and thankfully others enjoy it as well. The process usually starts with whichever franchise/character I’m obsessing over at the moment, then grab another similar or opposite franchise/character and I draw whatever makes me giggle the most. It can never be a forced mashup or you just won’t get the same effect. It’s got to feel genuine.

3. Lots of people costume your artwork. Do you think of that when you’re creating a new piece ever?

I LOVE COSPLAYERS FOR DOING THIS!!! My breath gets taken away each time I see my pieces recreated and high fives must be given! I never draw anything specifically meant for cosplay, so whenever it does happen I kinda have to squeal a bit in disbelief. I have to admit that the temptation to create pieces just for cosplayers have come to mind, but the ideas wouldn’t be as passionate or fluid.

4. Do you visit Disneyland a lot to get inspiration? What is your favorite thing about Disneyland?

Surprisingly, I don’t draw too much inspiration from Disneyland park itself, but I do get inspiration by just walking around there. It’ll usually be ideas that have nothing to do with Disney! It’s good to get away from the desk and go for a walk and allow your brain some time to relax. Luckily I’m not too far from Disneyland so that’s where I walk! šŸ˜€ My favorite thing about Disneyland is that the “Disney magic” is real and never fades away with each trip. A BIG majority of California residents are annual

My favorite thing about Disneyland is that the “Disney magic” is real and never fades away with each trip. A BIG majority of California residents are annual passholders and enjoy leisure trips into the park. Like many of those passholders, we’ve all been there hundreds of times already, yet it always puts a smile on our faces and brings you back to an almost primitive form of fun. Rides, parades, fireworks, people in costumes, ice cream and churros. That fun is amplified with the company of family or friends…. so long as they get their own ice cream and churros of course. I SAID BACK OFF GRANDMA!!!!!!

5. Are you looking forward to the Justice League movie?

BAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!…. *wipes away tears* XD … oooh how they’re trying waaaay too hard. I absolutely love DC characters, but these recent movies just aren’t doing them…. (wait for it)…. JUSTICE. I like the casting of my favorite superheroes, but the execution of these films are so rushed. All glam but no substance. It’s like a cakeĀ but made of pure frosting. There needs to be more to it! Despite saying all that, it still is good to be a nerd nowadays and seeing these movies get the blockbuster treatment. I’m hoping that the Wonder Woman movie changes their poop streak that they’re running with so far. Hera… please make it awesome…

6. What Disney character do you most identify with?

Wow…. I’ve never thought about that actually. I think it would have to be Woody from Toy Story. He’s a good guy with always the best intentions. Sure he tried to kill a space ranger, but how do you compete with someone with wings and a laser?? Runner up would probably be any one of the Lost Boys. Growing up is for suckers!

7. The new Thor trailer looks amazing! Any prints coming based off that? We’d love to see your take on gladiator Hulk. ^_^

Hey I’d love to see that too! I read that Planet Hulk comic so many times so I kinda screamed and woke up my napping nephew when I saw him smash out those doors in his Gladiator get up. If some fun original ideas come to mind for a piece, then you can definitely count on it!

8. Where can people find your work online and what conventions will you be at this year?

Why I’m so glad you asked! You can find my work at: DeviantArt, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, TeePublic, and Etsy.

If you are a convention goer, I’ll see you at these cons this year:

  • Comicpalooza in Houston TX
  • Megacon in Orlando FL
  • AwesomeCon in DC
  • Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
  • Maybe at Denver Comic Con in Colorado and San Diego Comic Con
  • Boston Comic Con
  • Amazing Hawaii Comic Con and hopefully New York Comic Con

Thanks again to Abe for the insight into his imaginative world! Our fingers are also crossed that Wonder Woman is a good movie and turns DC’s movies around.

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