Disney Character Casting – The Guardians of the Galaxy

It’s always interesting to think of Disney characters in other roles. Guadians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 has been one of the most anticipated films of the year, and has one of the most interesting casts of characters ever. So we wanted to get into the spirit of the Guardians by casting those roles with our favorite Disney characters. Let’s see if you agree on our picks.

Flynn Rider as Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord (The Legendary Outlaw)

Flynn Rider as Peter Quill is a no brainer, Thief? Check. Heart of something resembling gold, let’s call it goldish? Check. Snazzy outerwear? check. They’ve also both perfected the smolder. Let’s face it, Flynn is the Disney rated G version of Peter Quill.

Shego as Gamora

Both Gamora and Shego (Kim Possible) are tough fighters who are comfortable on the wrong side of the law. They hang around with questionable casts of characters and always seem to be the voice of reason in battle. Plus they do all of this while looking fabulous.

Kay as Drax The Destroyer

On the surface, Drax and Kay (Sword in the Stone) may seem very different, but in reality they have more in common than you’d think. Both are big guys, known to be strong warriors. They are also both a little dim and tactless when it comes to social interaction.

Nick Wilde as Rocket Raccoon

Before Nick Wilde became a police officer, he spent plenty of time hustling the city of Zootopia. We think given the right training, he could be every bit as wild and dangerous as Rocket.

Stitch as Baby Groot

Both Groot and Stitch fluctuate between adorable and fierce AF. They’re both aliens, great in a battle, and the one everyone wants to be their best friend.

The Queen of Hearts as Nebula

Both of these high aesthetic villains became bad because of what was done to them. Their goal is to hurt those they feel have hurt them, and both secretly long for family.

Kerchak as Yondu 

Okay, I know Kerchak is an ape, but hear me out. Both Yondu and Kerchak have adopted sons who don’t conform how they want them to (Peter Quill and Tarzan). Both are aggressive and would do whatever it takes to protect their people. They’re also loving in their own ways, both giving their lives to protect their sons.

Ratcliffe as Ego

Ego and Ratcliffe are both egomaniacs (ah we see what they did there…) who have no care for human life. Their behaviors serve only themselves and their self-importance. While they might see value in those around them, it is only as a catalyst for what those others can do for them.

Rapunzel as Mantis

The characters of Mantis and Rapunzel both invoke a feeling of wide eyed innocence, while still being capable. They’re women who at the start of their journey, might make you doubt their ability, but by the end they’re fighting for their friends and breaking free of their sinister guardians.

Yzma as High Priestess Ayesha

These ladies want respect and power, not necessarily in that order.

Pete as Taserface

Big Pete, known as the nemesis to the Mickey Mouse gang, has inhabited many villainous roles, all with a dose of joviality. Something which Taserface also exhibited in the latest Guardian’s film.

Those are our picks for Disney Character Casting of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Would you have done it differently? Tell us in the comments!

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