Mega-Interview and Giveaway with Meg Turnery

Meg Turney is a renowned host, cosplayer, and vlogger. She is mega cool and answered some burning Disney questions I had. The Babes are also giving away one of Meg’s rad sweatshirts!

1. The first time we cosplayed together we were in a Disney group and you did Mulan. Is she your favorite Disney character?

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but I do absolutely LOVE Mulan – she’s fierce and independent and I love the message her story sends to little girls.

2. Are there any other Disney characters you have been wanting to costume?

I’d love to do some version of Ariel at some point. She was my go-to princess when I was a little, so I’ll always have a real sweet spot for her.

3. What did you think of Moana?

Moana was great! I was probably the only person on the planet who wasn’t a big fan of Frozen, so I was a little worried walking into Moana that maybe I’d just outgrown Disney or grown apart from it, but I thought the movie was great.

4. You make a great Black Cat from Marvel. Do you plan on any other Marvel cosplays in the future?

Aw, thank you! Right now my future cosplay plans are mostly videogame-inspired, but I can’t stay away from superheroes for too long.

5. You call your fans MegaNerds. Did you come up with that or was it something they started?

It’s been a long time, but I think I actually asked people on Twitter what they thought they should be called and someone suggested it. I like having something special to call my fans because it brings us closer together. It’s not just me and fans, it’s all of us MegaNerds. It’s awesome.

6. You have an impressive background with SourceFed and Rooster Teeth. Do you have any plans to do something similar again in the future?

I really treasure my time at both SF and RT, but it’s hard for me to really see myself landing at a company right now. My schedule’s just too crazy and I’ve adjusted to waking up whenever a cat paws me in the face as opposed to having an alarm, buuuuut I’d be open to it in the future. I really, really miss talking about videogame news for a living and it’s not really something I can do on my own, so I’d be happy to host somewhere again someday.

7. Are you looking forward to any specific conventions this year?

This year I’ve actually taken a very large step back from con season. Last year, with the stress of things ending with RT, I took on way too many conventions, stacking them back-to-back-to-back in some cases and it really took its toll on me. So this year I wanted to be more mindful of spending my time wisely and with an eye to longevity as opposed to living out of a suitcase for months at a time. Having said that, I really want to experience more cons as an attendee, so I’ll be attending my very first Dragon*Con this year – I can’t wait!

8. What kind of content do you provide for your Patreon subscribers?

My Patreon is run like a fan club, so people who really want all the news on what I’m doing first or must have all the exclusive prints or really want to help shape my Youtube content can do it all in one place, but if that’s not something you’re interested in, you still get all the same content I produced before for free. My backers get to vote on what photoshoots I do, they get exclusive posters, they see youtube videos first – things like that. I love it because I feel like the people I’m making the content for are actually getting to be a part of it and that’s really special to me.

9. You are so gracious and welcoming to your fans. What sets them apart from other fandoms?

MegaNerds are the best because they’re so damn kind. In my time as a cosplayer, a youtuber, a model, a twitch streamer, etc. etc., I’ve been exposed to all sorts of different fanbases and MegaNerds are just so passionate and caring and understanding – it’s honestly so touching to me. They push me when I need it and they give me slack when I need it, too; I couldn’t ask for better fans.

10. And finally, are you still planning on filling in your pink heart tattoo to match my black one? 😉

Hahaha YES! I must! The pink was cute and all but it’s faded and it looks like I went to a club a few days ago and haven’t taken a shower or something. I’m happy to join you on the dark side!

Thank you so much to Meg for her time and welcome to the dark side! Now for the giveaway details:

The Babes are giving away one MegaNerd zip hoodie, made by The Yetee. This is limited to the US only. It is super easy to enter.

The winner will be announced May 10th!

32 Responses

  1. Darian

    I love Meg because she’s so unapologeticly herself and such an amazing, kind person. And I love you guys cause I love everything Disney


  2. Michael

    I love Meg because she has shown me and everyone else that it’s ok to be different, and to always love yourself. I love Babes of Wonderland because Disney has shaped me into the person I am today, and I’m taken back to those memories when I see your content


  3. Jordan B

    I love Meg for the content she puts out and how unapologetic she is for being herself. It puts a lot of confidence in myself and others I know, that she can be nerdy and sexy without letting others who try to shame her take her down. Also, love Babes of Wonderland, Disney is my passion and this feeds the passion ❤


  4. Brittany Mutz

    Meg is amazing because she just makes me want to be myself and be confident about it. Plus she’s so kind and really inspiring.

    I love you guys because it’s amazing to find a podcast and people who are passionate about Disney and I learn things and also reminisce about movies and stories I loved when I was younger


  5. I love Meg because she’s so open about herself and her life and gives an honest look at what it is to be a cosplayer and make a living off it! Plus she’s a big goof and I love it.


  6. LaurynBrooke

    I love Disney and making connects and finding deeper meanings to thing all the time. I am a big analyzer! I love Meg because she has the confidence I strive for, she got me into working out and she is just a fun person to watch.


  7. Joe C.

    I love Meg because of how open and funny she is. She’s both open about personal and professional things, but also incredibly funny in the multiple media that she works in. I love Babes of Wonderland because you capture a part of quintessential nostalgia while also exploring both new and old interactions with a world that has so much history to many people.


  8. miffy

    i love meg because shes so honest and down to earth! she not only cares about what she does as a cosplayer but cares about her fans too! she’s confident, funny and incredibly kind.


    1. miffy

      i almost forgot babes of wonderland! i love all things disney and film discussion so the babes of wonderland podcast is perfect!


  9. Mia Q

    I love Meg because she’s so confident in what she does but is absolutely real about what she does too! She’s someone I really look up to!


  10. Kathleen Pietropaolo

    I absolutely love Meg because she helped me be more confident in myself and my ability! Watching her try new things and flourish made me more open to trying things myself! Her honesty with her fans is also something that I really love, because its obvious that she cares about us the same way we care about her, and its just always a nice interaction with her and other meganerds!


  11. NiqueHeart

    I love Meg because she has a great personality and is super funny! Her cosplays are amazing and she’s so beautiful! I love Babes of Wonderland because I love Disney and nerdy things!


  12. Derrick Petersen

    I love Meg cause she gives everyone inspiration in being confident about their body, even for guys. I have found confidence and greatness in what she does, and I admire her passion and drive to better herself as well as her skills. Also that she is so involved with the community! Truly someone to look up to, even if you are a guy!


  13. Meg is incredible for many reasons, but for me her ability to remain a strong sexual women despite criticism is amazing and inspiring. I listened to a conversation in a video she had with RoosterTeeth saying that women were her biggest critics. I can’t imagine how much she went through with few women supporting her choices. Love her!


  14. Lindsey Clark

    I love Meg because of her kind heart. I once ordered a calender from her store and I told her a noit my chronic illness and how she helped me get through it. She signed the calender with a very sweet message for me and sent me a free print. I was even lucky enough to meet her in person. She hugged me and told me how strong I wad. Meg Turney is a beautiful person inside and out.


  15. Lindsey Clark

    I love Meg because of her kind heart. I once ordered a calender from her store and I told her about my chronic illness and how she helped me get through it. She signed the calender with a very sweet message for me and sent me a free print. I was even lucky enough to meet her in person. She hugged me and told me how strong I was. Meg Turney is a beautiful person inside and out.

    (Posted again for spelling errors)


  16. Carissa Bunch

    Meg is just such a down to earth and beautiful person which makes the content she produces much more fun and entertaining to watch or admire. Not to mention she comes up with some of the coolest ways to do shoots, like boudoir Tracer!


  17. Markym Fox

    I’ve always loved Meg from she started on Rooster teeth. She’s funny, spontaneous and fun to be around! She caters to her fanbase really well also!


  18. Casey

    Where do I start about why I love Meg? Let’s see. She’s so dependent. She’s extremely talented and strong, there’s something that I adore about it. She’s my bisexual queen, honestly. She’s help assist me in being comfortable with myself and with my own body as a woman. I’ve been a fan of her’s since I could remember and I’m glad to still be able to support her in everyway I can. Why do a I love the Babes of Wonderland? Considering I just got into them through this interview, it has to be the love for Disney. Reminds me of the child I really am inside.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest! I’ll be listening to future podcasts for sure.


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