11 Incredible Mulan Inspired Costumes

These costumes are sure to bring any family honor. If they don’t, at least these people are being true to their heart and wearing them with pride. That’s enough puns for now. Come gaze upon these fantastic costumes.

Sailor Mulan by Cayden Vierra. Photo by Aperture Ashley

Mushu by BooBahBlue.

Art Nouveau Mulan by Yaya Han. Based on the art by Hannah Alexander.

Traditional Mulan by Livia Chu. Photo by Saffels Photography.

Matchmaker by Matsu-Sotome. Photo by Eva Photography.

Chif-Fu costume by Kaeho.

Matchmaker Outfit by Astellecia (Skye). Photo by Miegakure (Kiseki)

Mulan Fett by Rian Synnth Cosplay. Photo by York in a Box.

Warrior Mulan by Sophie Chou. Photo by Karina Antigua.

Ling, Chien-Po, & Yao. Costumers unknown but seen at Salt Lake Comic Con. Photo By Aslan the Lioness.

Mulan and Khan by Kucheruk Elena.

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