Traditional Disney Tattoos

As tattooing grows in popularity, it’s only natural that people with an extreme love of Disney get in on the act, and boy have they. The market for tattoo artists who have a knack for Disney pieces has boomed over the last five years. So much so, that even artists who don’t specialize in the animation or new school style of tattooing are putting their skills to use. One of those very unique styles is called traditional tattooing.

For those of you unfamiliar with traditional style tattoos, a good reference is the work of Sailor Jerry. Over the years his designs have moved into the mainstream, adorning clothing, liquor bottles and various accessories. Even if you don’t know the artist, you’ve seen his work, guaranteed. Bold colors, simple lines and a vintage look are the calling cards of traditional tattooing and below you can find a list of our favorite Disney inspired traditional pieces.

  1. This fantastic flash sheet by Evie Yapelli shows how Disney can easily be translated into that traditional style.

Evie Yapelli

2. Another example is this Mickey and Minnie themed flash sheet by Steve Rieck, which shows the style translated into larger pieces.

Steve Rieck

3. This small beast tattoo features bold colors and simple lines, done by art_gewoonjas.


4.  Taking some inspiration from Disney’s early work, this Steamboat Willie piece by @jayjoree delivers.

@Jay Joree

5. This Ursula inspired piece warns would be sailors of their ultimate fate should they encounter her. By @oscarmontestattooer.


6. Simple colors and a scrolling banner make up this Toy Story tattoo by @gooneytoons_str.


7.  This simple Mary Poppins piece by Rafael Oliveira from Ink Sapiens, is a stunning show stopper.

Rafael Oliveira

8.  Meanwhile this Mrs. Potts and Chip tattoo offers a more delicate take on the traditional tattoo aesthetic. Done by Rich Wells Tattoos.

Rich Wells

9. This tattoo by @shawnpattontattooer channels the dark side perfectly.


10. These feet tattoos by  Raphaël Tiraf feature two of your favorite monstrous seas dwellers, Monstro and Tick Tock Crock.

Raphaël Tiraf

11.  In case you forget, Luke Edwards from Exile – Leigh on the sea, reminds you of Peter Quill’s official title.

Luke Edwards

12.  Dan Barron gives us a traditional take on Snow White’s poison apple.

Dan Barren

13. Frej Lind presents a new spin on the Deathstar in this traditional Star Wars tattoo. Frej Lind

14. Though the films are not technically part of Disney studios, we couldn’t not include this killer X-Men flash sheet by Derik James.


Did we miss any of your favorites? Post them in the comments!

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