Mother’s Day Tsum Tsum Japan Release

Mother’s Day is coming up and while Disney doesn’t always have a lot of early stories where the Mom is in the story, there are a few out there that make good mother and child sets. So if you are in Japan or have a hook up there that can ship items to you, save the date for these adorable duo sets.

In the Japan Disney Store, on April 26th, Disney will be releasing four new Tsum Tsum sets that range from 1,080円 to 3,456円 in price. Grab them in the park or online fast because these will most likely go quickly. The sets include mini mothers and a micro baby. One larger set features Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo and a micro Timothy mouse all in a cute circus tent. The other sets unite Kanga & Roo, Sheri Squibbles & Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, and Duchess & Marie. I’m surprised by the variety, especially with a Monsters University set. It seems they were really trying to make something for everyone and now we’re all jealous of anyone in Japan that can grab a pair.

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