The Babes of Wonderland Podcast Recap

If you’re watching the Babes of Wonderland blog, chances are you’re a big Disney fan. Moreover, you love the content we’re bringing you. So, why not delve deeper into Disney with the Babes of Wonderland Podcast! 

Our episodes will take you inside the Disney magic, giving you information on what went on behind the scenes of your favorite films. We’ll discuss the hot button issues surrounding the movies, as well as news, reviews and pop culture topics as they relate. We even supply crafts and treats themed to go with the film!

Learn more about our latest episodes below:


Ep. 23 – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

“How would it be, if you came and had tea with me?” – Mr Tumnus

The land of Narnia calls on the latest episode of Babes of Wonderland. Your hosts review the movie and discuss the making of the film. Then delve into the life of the book’s author C.S. Lewis, and how his experiences lent themselves to the writing of the novel, and ultimately inspired the film.




Ep. 22 – Snow White

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.” – The Evil Queen

The history of the Walt Disney Company goes hand in hand with the making of Snow White, their first motion picture. On this episode of Babes of Wonderland, we’ll discuss that history, as well as the origin of the fairy tale, and the animation styles that brought it to life.

Also for this episode Laurel shares a recipe for black “poison” caramel apples. check out the recipe and more here on the blog.

Ep. 21 – Beauty and the Beast (Live Action, 2017)

“A broken clock is right two times a day, Cogsworth. But this is not one of those times.” – Lumiere

On this episode of Babes and Wonderland Ashley and Laurel review and discuss the newly released live action Beauty and the Beast. Your hosts will delve into the character of Le Fou, the first confirmed gay Disney character, as well as LGBT representation in past Disney films. Then, stick around for the inside scoop on other upcoming live action Disney movies that are still in the works!

Also, to go along with the Beauty and the Beast episode, Ashley features her superhero Belle cosplay!



Of course there is a lot more content where these came from, catch-up on all the Babes of Wonderland episodes HERE!

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