LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Makeup

Arrr there mateys! Are you a sea fairing pirate or a siren from the sea? If you answered yes, then LORAC has the makeup for you. Okay, in reality, this makeup is for anyone whether they sail the seas or not. Hit the jump and release the Kracken!

Pro Eye Shadow Palette – $52

Pirates of the Caribbean have been a staple at Disneyland for 50 years and the movies brought a new life and appreciate to the “Yo Ho” singing pirates. The next and last movie in the epic ocean tale comes out on May 26th and is subtitled Dead Men Tell No Tales.  LORAC has released a beauty line to coincide with the final film. The packaging mimics Jack Sparrow’s broken compass, as well as space and constellation imagery throughout that, probably has something to do with the movie.

MOD Lip Cream Duo – $26

The eyeshadows have a wide variety of colors from warm to cool and shimmery to matte. It’s a good all around palette. The color blocks are on the smaller side but the PRO pigmented formula should last along time. The MOD Lip Cream Duo colors are lovely shades or pinks and reds with one blue to stand out of the mix. You can’t have a pirate themed makeup line without a blue lip color to represent water. Plus, you can wear your lips three ways in one set with matte and gloss options. Complete the look with the cheek palette which has a nice variety of shades to go with many skin tones. The prices seem right on target for what you get plus, the fact that it’s a Disney limited edition set. Seems like a win-win to me! Purchase these treasures here.

Cheek Palette – $30


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