Traditional Disney Tattoos

As tattooing grows in popularity, it’s only natural that people with an extreme love of Disney get in on the act, and boy have they. The market for tattoo artists who have a knack for Disney pieces has boomed over the last five years. So much so, that even artists who don’t specialize in the […]

What Live Action Films We Want To See Next – Pt. 4

We’re back with part 4 of our dream casting for Disney classics we want to be made into live action films. As we know, Disney Studios has announced several live action remakes are in the works, including Mulan, Lion King and Dumbo. However, there are still some films out there that we’d love to see […]

Turkish Delights from The White Witch

Turkish Delight is a sweet, made with starch and powdered sugar. They are offered to Edmund in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by the White Witch. They were enchanted of course which made them super addictive and a stomach ache inducing. We have a recipe without the curse attached.

Mother’s Day Tsum Tsum Japan Release

Mother’s Day is coming up and while Disney doesn’t always have a lot of early stories where the Mom is in the story, there are a few out there that make good mother and child sets. So if you are in Japan or have a hook up there that can ship items to you, save the […]

C.S. Lewis and the World of Boxen

You probably know that C. S. Lewis wrote the much adored Chronicles of Narnia, which included the classic, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. What you might not know, is that C. S. Lewis had been a writer all his life. Even as a child he strove to let his imagination take form and […]

Disney Tattoo Sleeves

Disney fans show their love by permanently putting a design on their body. Extreme fans get a whole tattoo sleeve and they are a thing of beauty. If you need inspiration or a tattoo artist to adorn you with Disney characters, look no more!

Disney Decor: Enchanted Tiki Sun Room

Disney fans can turn any room into an homage to their favorite movie pretty easily. Time and research are all that’s needed to get started. Here at Babes of Wonderland, we’re here to help get you started by creating our own series called Disney Decor. Disney Decor presents interior design boards inspired by Disney, Pixar, Marvel […]

The Babes of Wonderland Podcast Recap

If you’re watching the Babes of Wonderland blog, chances are you’re a big Disney fan. Moreover, you love the content we’re bringing you. So, why not delve deeper into Disney with the Babes of Wonderland Podcast! 

LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Makeup

Arrr there mateys! Are you a sea fairing pirate or a siren from the sea? If you answered yes, then LORAC has the makeup for you. Okay, in reality, this makeup is for anyone whether they sail the seas or not. Hit the jump and release the Kracken!