Superhero Disney Princess Belle

Taking your favorite characters and making them your own or putting a new spin on them is always an exciting challenge in the cosplay world. I was perusing Tumblr when I came across some fanart that made me instantly want to cosplay as Belle and see if my friends wanted to do a whole Disney group. The results were epic.

I found the fanart above and knew I needed to create a superhero version of Belle. She was one of my favorite princesses growing up. Giving her a superhero look sounded way more fun than doing the dress at that time. I put the call out to my other costuming friends and we decided to do a whole group at San Diego Comic Con. The artwork is by Melissa Erickson aka Kreugan on DeviantArt.

I’m terrible at body suits so I contacted an acquaintance named BelleChere (no relation to the Princess) who agreed construct the cloak and suit. Once people started claiming princesses and other Disney female characters to represent, we started coming up with weapons or powers they would have. I came up with a mallet of knowledge/books that Belle would wield. Not only did we all brainstorm accessories, we all had hidden Mickey’s on our costumes as well. We had a blast and people instantly understood what we were cosplaying which isn’t always the easiest thing to get across. You can see more photos of the other princess on our Facebook page. It was so much fun and I was proud to emulate Belle as such a bad ass.


Psst. Did you find the hidden Mickey on my costume?

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