Disney Decor – Finding Nemo Pool

Disney fans can turn any room into an homage to their favorite movie pretty easily. Time and research are all that’s needed to get started. Here at Babes of Wonderland, we’re here to help get you started by creating our own series called Disney Decor. Disney Decor presents interior design boards inspired by Disney, Pixar, Marvel and more.


Everyone that has gone swimming has thought of themselves as a fish or other creature from the sea. If you are a Disney fan, why not create your pool theme to match one of the best sea stories out there: Finding Nemo. Pools have space around them that can lend itself to being really fun. Add sea turtles or other sea creatures as mosaics to the cement or set of statues of seagulls that you know are always thinking, “MINE.” Paint Nemo and Dory on life preservers or air tanks and hang them on the side of the pool house. You can even create your own coral reef with foam pool noodles and set our green snorkeling masks with the address P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way written in sharpie on them. Get creative and let your freaky fish flag fly.

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