The Disney Collector’s Series – Shoes

With the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast film this week, comes another round of New Balance’s Disney inspired running shoes. This time the design focuses on Belle and her friends. However, New Balance is hardly the first she brand to partner with Disney. Vans, Keds, and even Target have partnered in the past. Not to mention there are a plethora of unique and custom designs offered by artists on sites like Etsy.

Whether you are looking to spend $20 or $200 on some sweet Disney kicks, you can be sure to find a vast array of options to fit your lifestyle. With series such as the New Balance’s Disney Run line and Van’s expanding line of Disney shoes, they’ve also become functional and wearable Disney collectibles. Bellow are a few of our favorites:

  1. New Balance’s well sought after Disney Run Series features shoes based on your favorite Disney rides and movies.


2. New Balance also features limited edition shoes to go along with film releases such as this Beauty and the Beast series:



3. Vans has also been big into the Disney designs lately. Our favorite to come out in the past couple of years is this Alice in Wonderland design, but there are lots to choose from.


4.  If your style is more on the bold side, check out these heels from Irregular Choice, not only do they make a statement, but they’re perfect for collecting. (The same company did a run of Star Wars heels as well!)


5. If you’re looking for shoes that are more reasonably priced, but equally fun to wear, check out your local Target store. They have a number of designs featuring your favorite characters.

6.  The classic shoe brand Keds has also released a Minnie Mouse inspired shoe line, the simple designs and middle of the road pricing hoping to appeal to a wide market.



7. For the teens and young at heart in your life, Hot Topic has also released a line of Disney inspired footwear. These shoes may only go with certain outfits, but the price is low and the stores are accessible.

8. Perhaps the more impressive of these limited edition Disney shoes, are those that are made by hand by local artists who love Disney as much as you! Here are some of our favorites that are listed on Etsy right now.


These pink heels with fairytale soles- by Gracies Laces



These hand painted Paper Man/Blue Umbrella  Toms – by MagicalSlippers


These custom Lion King Nikes – by Grabbkicks


Hand painted Disney Love Keds – by Chroma Souls


These custom Tomorrowland Vans with awesome red laces – by PaintedSoleShoes (psst, they’re on sale!)

These Haunted Mansion painted Tom’s that are amazing from all angles. – by Newfoundnovelties


These Up inspired wedding flats – by Mermaid Lagoon Shoes

So whether your goal is to have one or two pairs of Disney shoes to wear out on occasion, or you desire to start collecting, we hope this post helped inspire some awesome future purchases.

Happy Collecting!

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