Happy First Day of Spring with News!

It’s officially spring and that means pastels, flowers, and Easter bunnys. It also means new Disney spring products. Check out the floral goodies coming your way.

If you’re going to be visiting Disneyland within the next month, make sure you head over to Candy Palace on Main Street to get one of their handmade Disney Eggs. This is a chocolate lover’s dream. The eggs are filled with fudge and covered in milk chocolate. Yum! Mickey and Minnie caramel apples will also have the Spring treatment. Covered in pastel colored chocolate and decorated like an Easter Egg, these apples are sure to please.

Disney’s Itty Bittys plush line has released an Easter Collection featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy all sporting little hoodies with eggs on them. They are super cute and could make a unique addition to any Easter basket. Candy is good but it’s exciting to get other goodies from the Easter Bunny too!

Not everything about spring needs to be Easter themed. Adding floral patterns to your accessories can make the season feel fresh. Her Universe just announced that they are now stocking Loungefly X Star Wars items. The site will have eight different designs and types of purses but the one that screams Spring is the Floral Wars bag. Show your love for Spring and the rebellion at the same time.

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