The Disney Collectors Series – Dooney & Bourke

Sometimes you can successfully mix fashion and collectibles. Disney and Dooney & Bourke make it easy, albeit expensive, with their collaboration on designer hand bags. The have in your face Disney face patterns to subtle motifs for every fan.

In 1975 in Norwalk, CT, Dooney & Bourke was born through the creative vision of Peter Dooney and the entrepreneurial spirit of Frederic Bourke. Dooney & Bourke designs and crafts instant classics with the perfect union of timeless American style, the highest regard for materials and craftsmanship, and a dedication to effortless functionality. They offer a broad range of fashion accessories for women and men including handbags, small leather goods, weekend and travel accessories, and more.

Their collaboration with Disney has been ongoing for years and we can’t get enough of the bags. Like most fashion lines, certain styles and collections are released at certain times of the years. Sometimes Dooney releases special edition bags that correlate to a Disney anniversary or the release of a new movie. The handbags/wallets/purses can be purchased at Disney parks or on the online store. They range from $80-$800 so the useful buggers aren’t your typical pin you can just pick up or trade. Dooney makes good product that last a long time though so they are worth it.

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