Zazu DisneyBound

Checking in with the morning report and to show you how to create an easy Zazu Disneybound. We don’t’ have a lovely bunch of coconuts in the post though.

Zazu is a sassy bird which many of us can relate to. He is just trying to do his job the whole movie and people (animals) kept making that hard for him. If you have some blues, oranges, and whites in your closet you can whip up a great Zazu just in time for your next Disney excursion. You could do a blue and navy basic shirt/pant combo with a white scarf and orange/white shoes, or a blue dress with a colored cardigan like I did. Go as subtle or as crazy with the makeup as you want. I did more subtle with a pop of color on the lips to get the beak effect but you could easily add some light blue shadow like he has around his eye. Adding a small Lion King pin somewhere would be a nice touch too. Show us your Lion King bounds if you have them!

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