Skynet Coming to Star Wars Land?

Star Wars Land is slated to open in two years (I CANNOT wait) at DisneyWorld and DisneyLand. Most information has been very tight lipped but we’re hearing musings of what it is to come. At SXSW this year, we gleaned some new information from the BBC panel.

Orlando Informer released the details of what Disney debuted at this panel and it sounds like a mix of Skynet and Westworld.

At this panel Disney demonstrated the next generation of its audio-animatronic figures that will eventually be rolled out at all of its theme parks around the world, explaining that the heart of them will be artificial intelligence and machine learning – two bases that will allow them to move around the parks, interact with guests, and even have behavioral goals that will comprise the foundation of their personalities. “All these emerging technologies are going to be key to the next generation of entertainment,” Senior Vice President for Research and Development Jon Snoddy told the audience.  

Basically, the new park could have C-3P0’s just hanging out and keeping us company. This could be a really fun way to keep people entertained in line waiting for an attraction. As the technology evolves, we could get a Westworld scenario where the robots could have programmed interactions with other robot characters. Picture K-2SO and R2D2 having a heated conversation of sass. While this isn’t artificial intelligence, one could make the argument that it feels a little like Skynet with walking and talking robots. Let’s just hope they don’t have missions for anyone with the last name Connor. 

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