Mike Wazowski Inspired Makeup

Monsters Inc has bright and bold colors adorning most of the monsters in the movie, especially Mike and Sully. I decided to do a Mike inspired eye makeup because not enough people wear green shadow. It is fairly easy and makes a big impact!

You won’t need a ton of makeup to create this look. The most important items are pigmented green eye shadow colors. I used Urban Decay and MAC¬†palettes to create Mike’s look. It makes it easier to have a good blending and edge brush as well. I used Unicorn Lash’s unicorn brushes because I’m a magical creature!


You want to start off with a moisturized face before you put any makeup. That’s a good rule for every day. Once moisturized, put on your foundation and shadow primer so you have a good base.


Start with the lighter green that matches Mike’s skin which is close to a lime green. Follow the natural curve of your eye and lid using the blending brush. I went all the way around the eye to mimic Mike’s round body. Notice that Minnie towel in the background? I’ve had that since I was about three and it’s too small for my body now but is perfect as a hair towel.


Now it’s time to add dimension. Using a darker shade of green, start blending in the green from the corner of the eye in. Do this on the top and the bottom fo the eye. When doing the bottom of the eye, the edge brush works the best. Every time you coat your brush with powder, tap the excess off into the sink so you don’t get it all over your cheeks after applying it to your eye. It’s hard to avoid though so if you do get some shadow on your face, get a makeup remover cloth and dab it away and add some more foundation over the spot you just cleaned up.


Mike doesn’t have eyeliner or lashes but he would’ve looked a lot better with it. Since this is inspired makeup, we can add some liner to frame the eye. I did a little cat eye at the end but you can do a bigger one or none at all depending on how you usually do your makeup or comfort level. If you want to add fake lashes, go for it! I didn’t in this example. I simply added mascara to the top and bottom of my natural lashes.


To really bring the look home, do your eyebrows in green. I know it is a little crazy but it looks so cool and makes the look stand out. I blended half the brow in the darker green at the beginning and finished it off with the lime green. You can do one whole color or blend it differently. You could even put in colored green contacts if you had them. Mike’s a funny monster so have fun with it.


If you don’t want to stop at the eyes, put on some green lipstick. A nude lip would look nice with these colorful eyes too. Add your powder and blush at the end and you are ready to rock it like Mike Wazowski. And remember, we scare because we care!

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