Disney Decor – Wreck-it Ralph Game Room

Disney fans can turn any room into an homage to their favorite movie pretty easily. Time and research are all that’s needed to get started. Here at Babes of Wonderland, we’re here to help get you started by creating our own series called Disney Decor. Disney Decor presents interior design boards inspired by Disney, Pixar, Marvel and more.


Video game rooms should be colorful and full of nerdy references. Wreck-it Ralph is full of video game characters old and new that we grew up playing so it makes the perfect theme for a game room. Bring in classic controller and console-themed furniture and decorations like joystick hangers or Qbert block shelving. If you can afford a stand-up arcade system, reskin it to match the Fix It Felix game in the movie. You can find lots of artwork based on Wreck-it Ralph to adorn the walls from screen print sites and conventions. Every gamer needs some fuel to keep going into the late night hours so make sure to have a supply of sugar handy. Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush can help with lots of candy ideas. Check out this older article we did on the movie for more video game characters you can bring into your game room.


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