The Disney Collectors Series – Antiques

The Walt Disney company has always put out interesting and desirable collectibles. From Mickey ears to plush animals, ceramic figures and music boxes, but some of the most interesting might be some of the oldest. With the latest fashion and home design leaning towards retro motifs, it was only natural that collectors would start to seek out antique Disney paraphernalia. If you’re lucky enough to come across some in your local antique or vintage store, you can easily see the appeal. These pieces are not only a lot different than what you might find in stores today, they also have a unique history that lend gravitas to each item.

Perhaps the most common antique pieces to come across are Mickey and Friends wind up toys. These were primarily produced from the 1940s-1950s. The items can run you anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the condition and detail of the toy. However, perhaps the greatest thing about these items, for collectors, is that you can collect many with out taking up too much space.

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Another item popular with seasoned and new antique collectors alike are vintage lunchboxes. Each is easy to store while offering some great art on each side.

Even better, Disney lunchboxes have been in production since the 1940s, so they’re not hard to find. New collectors can easily amass their own unique collections based on their favorite movies or characters.

For more serious collectors, with a little more money to burn, there are also great unique large pieces out there to find. Like the tricycle pictured below. It’s a museum piece in this condition, but you can be sure that in any condition you find it, it would make an amazing addition to any home.


It would be impossible to go through the plethora of different antique Disney collectibles out there. Suffice to say that over the decades that Disney has been in business, marketing and product production was always high on their list of priorities. Below are just a few of those pieces we wish were sitting on our shelves.

Peter Pan Board Game – 1953
Snow White Tea Set – 1937
Mickey Mouse Story Book by Walt Disney – 1931
Aristocats Vinyl Record – 1970s
Disney Toy Shovel – 1950s-1960s
Ludwig Von Drake Wind-Up Toy – 1961

As you can see the possibilities for antique Disney collectors are wide and varied. What are your favorites? Let us know by commenting on this article!

Until next time, happy collecting!

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