What Live Action Films We Want To See Next – Pt. 3

We’re back with part 3 of our dream casting for Disney classics we want to be made into live action films. (Or in the case of one, remade.) As we know, the new Beauty and the Beast film will be released in theaters in a matter of weeks and we just got awesome news about the casting for the upcoming Lion King as well. So Laurel, one of your Babes of Wonderland hosts, picked two classic Disney films she’d like to see go next. Last time we presented you with an ideal (at least in Laurel’s opinion) cast for  The Little Mermaid and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This time we’ll look at who could fill the shoes of your favorite characters from Hercules and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


ron clements disney | Une exposition rendra hommage aux créateurs de Vaiana et leur longue ...:

Hercules – Sam Heughan 

Not only does Sam Heughan meet the standards are far as look and physique, he can also carry a scene like no one’s business. Just ask anyone who has ever seen an episode of Outlander. His acting abilities mean more depth could be brought to the role of the demi-god, something that a live action version of the film would definitely need.


Meg – Q’orianka Kilcher

An actress and activist who can carry a tune, Q’orianka Kilcher could bring a heft to the conflicted character of Meg. Her roles in The New World and Princess Kaiulani prove she can carry a film. In the role of Hercules’ tough love interest  you could be sure she could hold her own with Sam Heughan.


Phil – Paul Giamatti

Paul Giamatti is a well known and accomplished actor with dramatic and comedic chops to spare. As Hercules’ trainer he could bring those skills to bare on the roll of Phil.


Zeus – Billy Connolly 

He might need to do a little training before taking on the role of Zeus, but Billy Connolly has the irreverent personality and comedic innocence to truly  encapsulate the character.


Hades – Ron Perlman 

The voice, the humor…get ready for a darker but just as fun Hades.

Pain & Panic – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

If you guys can think of a better pair to play your favorite evil minions, I’m open to your suggestions. To me though, there is no two actors more suited to represent Pain and Panic’s funny incompetence than Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.


The Muses –

Let’s be honest, I just want to see all these ladies sing together.


Calliope (The Muse of Epic Tales) – Beyonce

The leader of the muses and a powerhouse vocalist, who else could play her?

Clio (The Muse of History) – Janelle Monae 

Janelle is classic and timeless, a must for the muse of history. Plus, she can blow you away with her voice.

Melpomene (The Muse of Drama) – Rhianna

Rhianna has the voice to keep up with the rest of the muses and blend well with their voices.

Terpsichore (The Muse of Dance) – Nikki Minaj

Stylish, silly and fun, Nikki Minaj would make an excellent Terpsichore.

Thalia (The Muse of Comedy) – Jill Scott

Jill Scott, a beautiful, powerful and talented actress and singer could tackle the role of Thalia with no problem.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks 

This film was live action when released in 1971, and has always been a favorite of mine. I’d love to see what they could do with an updated production.

Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea.:

Miss Price – Kate Winslet 

Kate Winslet is not only one of the most talented actresses performing today, she’s also surprising in each role. She can be quiet and demure, funny and irreverent or powerful and motivated, all with ease. She would be a perfect candidate to play the village loner turned apprentice witch, Miss Price.


Professor Emelius Brown – Idris Elba

Now at first this may seem like odd casting. After all, Idris Elba is known for playing tough guys and police captains that have it in for their new bunny officers. But hear me out, this man is funny. No really, watch his interviews or his recent Valentines commercial, this man has comedic chops. Professor Emelius Brown, “Headmaster” of the college of witchcraft would be an amazing part for him to cut his teeth on, and one we call could enjoy watching him play.


Bookman – Alan Cumming 

This film is full of bad guys, Nazis, an angry lion king and Bookman, an old man willing to do anything to get his half on Miss Price’s spell book. Making him a little younger and a little more affluent could make the character more interesting in an updated version. Alan Cumming would play the part well, and he’s always entertaining to watch.


The Rawlin’s Siblings



Charlie Rawlins – Lewis MacDougall

After seeing ‘A Monster Calls’ staring MacDougall, it’s hard to think any other actor of his age could capture the angst and aggression of Charlie better.


Carrie Rawlins –  Georgia Pemberton 

It’s safe to say that Georgia has the right look for the part.

Paul Rawlins – Jacob Tremblay

You know, that adorable kid you see everywhere.

So that’s our casting, what are your thoughts? Think you can do better, leave your ideal casting in the comments!

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