Captain America Fan Art That Speaks To Us Right Now

It’s no exaggeration to say that the USA is going through a tough time politically and emotionally, right now. As has always been the case, artists are taking to their crafts to vent their frustrations. To go along with our recent Captain America episode, in which we discuss politics and the Cap, we bring you a few of our favorite pieces of “political” fan art of the first Avenger.

1. Captain American fighting injustice, intolerance and bigotry – Paolo Riverac7440144095b41a8f26cd5bc42dfd644


2. Protesting Cap and Bucky – by What Would Captain America Do


3. A Text Convo Between Steve and Tony – By Texts From Superheros



4.  No, You Move – By tom Hodges



5. Hijab Wearing Female Captain America Cosplay – by Hijab Hooligan


6. The Cap Says Vaccinate – by Blue and Orange


7. Captain American – Favorite Quote – by Guay


8. I don’t like bullies… – by dchanberry


9. United States of Hydra – by Marvel Comics


10. Punching Nazis – by Matt Bors


However you’re feeling about the current political climate and your place in it, it’s good to know you’re not alone. That there are those out there also struggling, and making art that hopefully speaks to you. Whether you are liberal or conservative, it’s always interesting to dissect and take in the messages that others are putting out into the world. Some pieces are simple, peace and hope, while others are more aggressive and angry. However you feel, however you communicate, I think Captain America would say, it’s all valid.

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