Make Your Own Genie Lamp

Genie lore goes back years and while the lamp was introduced later in the mythology, it is most popular thanks to I Dream fo Genie and Disney’s Aladdin. If you find yourself looking for your own lamp to create, we’ve compiled multiple ideas.


A lamp that lights up if a great way to decorate a room or party. We found an easy and inexpensive article to create a lamp like this one. It has more of a Moroccan feel but can still pass for a magic lamp. You could also paint a little genie inside the glass so when it is lit up, you see the magical being. Instructions here.


These beautiful lamps look very similar to the lamp in Aladdin. To make these find teapots at stores like Home Goods, Good Will, or other home decor places with cheaper prices. Buy gold spray paint for multiple surfaces, gems or any other embellishment your heart desires. In a well-ventilated room, spray the teapots gold doing a few thin layers so the paint doesn’t drip or get sticky. Once the paint has dried overnight, get your hot glue gun out and attach the gems, beads, and other fancy items to make the lamps pop. Enjoy!



Perhaps you’d like to take your paper crafting skills to the next level? If you do, these are the lamps for you. The paper lamps are replicas of Jafar’s from the video game Kingdom Hearts and of Eden’s in Aladdin: The Animated Series. They are complicated patterns so take your time. Jafar’s template is here and Eden’s can be downloaded here.

Lastly, here is an awesome video showing step by step how to make Aladdin’s lamp from the movie. You’ll need supplies like clay, styrofoam, and wire. The video is mostly a visual tutorial with some subtitles in Portuguese throughout but even without knowing the language, you can follow along very easily.

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