An interview with Leo Camacho

Disneybounder, pin creator, and all around Disney fan, Leo Camacho was able to stop impersonating Prince Eric for long enough to answer some of our burning questions.

1. What was your first Disney costume?

My first Disney costume was, coincidentally, the first costume that I consider a cosplay. By this I mean it was the first costume I wore to a con. That costume was Jack Sparrow. At the time I had seen some people online deconstructing the costume and I thought it would be a lot of fun to put one together on my own and wear it out. I was hooked from day one.

2. Which is your favorite Disney character to cosplay as and why?

I really enjoyed cosplaying as Jack Sparrow actually. He was fun to learn, as an actor and people always responded really well to him. I think Hook is my favorite now, simply because people commonly have to double take when they see me, due to me looking so much like the actual actor. Apparently, it’s always fun to be a smarmy pirate. Duh.

3. What is it about Disney that you love so much?

My family is a big Disney family. It’s something that was ingrained in me very early on and has been a big theme in family activities, as well as a sort of goal when it comes to achieving your dreams. Disney means anything is possible. I was always a fan of animation and imagination has always been consumed with the depth of their brand. It resonated with me and inspired me to be creative.


Sarah Sterling as Judy Hopps.

4. You seem to be an expert at Disneybounding. Have any tips for people looking to do it more or for the first time?

If you’re getting into Disneybound, my first advice is always to check out DisneyBound as that is where is started and where it lives. You can get a ton of outfit ideas there, but when it comes to actually getting clothes to execute, is your best friend. You’d be shocked at how hard it is to find yellow pants in the winter, or neon green sunglasses. That said, stores like H&M are great because they are reasonably affordable and carry their items in many different colors. Colorblocking is the core of Disneybounding, so options are immensely helpful.

5. You have a new pin company and a Disney show you are a part of. Can you tell us more about it so people can enjoy all that goodness?

Totally! My pin company is called Fan Flaire and we focus on fandom inspired pins. Essentially we try to make pins for things that the big companies might not have room to make. Things like the Snarfblat from Little Mermaid, Luna Lovegood’s glasses, or pins for Hamilton. We make pins we’d like to wear that are references to our fav fandoms that can start a conversation. I also have a Youtube channel, called Thingamavlogs, dedicated to Disney. We do all sorts of things from Skits to Tips and Tricks park vlogs, to exclusive press events and historical background videos. It’s a one stop Disney community shop.


All photography by Jon York.

6. Do you have any big plans for 2017 that you are really excited for?

2017 is going to be nuts, I think. The movie line-up is insane, which means that cons will all be insane. Lot’s of cosplay, lots of press events and lots of movie nights. Also, D23 is this year, which is basically the Disney equivalent of Comic Con. That’s huge for me. I also have some stuff I can’t quite reveal yet, so you’ll just have to follow me on social and see. Shameless self-promo plug here.

7. What is your favorite food to get at the Parks? Pineapple Dole Whip is refreshing but those churros… drool inducing.

Churros for days. Churros give me life. I think I even made a video entirely about me eating churros. They are all that matters. Although, I’m also a big fan of the chicken nuggets in Frontierland and other various desserts in the park. OH! And the Mexican food in DCA is probably some of THE best food in the parks. But Churros.


Richard Arthur as Ariel.

8. Final question: Who do you like portraying more: Aladdin or Prince Eric?

Ah, the age old question. Aladdin is certainly more fun to portray as he’s a more developed and fun character, but Eric just has an appeal to him and I look more like him that any other character so the way people interact with me when I’m Eric is unreal. It’s like they freak out that a cartoon came to life. Ron Clemens, the Director of The Little Mermaid, walked up to me in a crowd to come say “Wow. You look JUST like him!” which was a humongous compliment and might’ve cemented the final point in this argument.

Thanks a ton to Leo for answering my questions and giving us some insight into his magical world. Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel, Fan Flaire, and follow him on Instagram. Take his Disneybounding advice and run with it!


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