4 LGBTQ Stories We’d Like To See As Disney Films

The other day I found myself pondering how Neil Patrick Harris had never played a Disney Prince. I mean, it is a crime. The man is talented, charismatic and has a killer voice, all the hallmarks of a Disney Prince. Then I began thinking how amazing it would be if he and his husband David Burtka voiced the characters in that long rumored/urban legend Disney film “Princes.” From there my pondering went down a rabbit hole, coming up with other LGBTQ stories that could be awesome if given the Disney treatment. Below are four of them, my reasoning, and suggestions on cast (whether animated or live action).


The Story: “The Bravest Knight That Ever Lived”

Written by Daniel Errico in 2014, ” The Bravest Knight That Ever Lived” is a simple yet wonderful tale of a young pumpkin farmer who grows up to be a knight. One day he sets off on a quest to save a captured brother and sister, prince and princess of his land. He faces many battles both on his way and on the return journey home. In the end when he returns the two royals to their father, the king offers the brave knight his daughter’s hand in marriage as a reward. However, on their journey the young knight fell in love with the prince. In the end he confesses his feelings and marries the handsome prince.

Why we think this would make a great Disney film: This story is beautiful in its simplicity, it doesn’t make a big deal about the characters being gay, it just is that way. Equally, the announcement of the knight’s love for the prince is not cause for uproar, but is met with a proud celebration of the brave knight and his love.

Who should play the roles (in our opinion): 

Logan Lerman as the young knight, Diego Boneta as the prince, & Gina Rodriguez as the princess


The Story: The Legend of Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Anne Bonny was an Irish born redhead with a temper, bloodlust and the skills to make a great pirate. Her lover Mary Read, born in England, was much the same. Together the two lovers, along with their other lover Calico Jack Rackkam, sailed the seas as notorious pirates in the 1600s.

Why we think this would make a great Disney film: Granted, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, were not what you would call child friendly historical characters. However, Disney has taken dark source material (cough*HunchbackofNotreDame*cough) before and made it into something colorful and fun. What could be more fun than a tale of two strong female adventurers on the open sea? Using Anne Bonny and Mary Read as inspiration, and not following the actual gruesome narrative, could provide Disney artists and story writers with the freedom and opportunity to make something unique and inspired.

Who should play the roles (in our opinion):

Karen Gillian as Anne Bonny & Lizzy Caplan as Mary Read


The Story: “East of the Sun, West of the Moon”

East of the Sun, West of the Moon has long been one of my favorite fairy tales. It’s Norwegian in  origin and is somewhat related to Beauty and the Beast, as it features a prince who is cursed into the form of a polar bear. However, this tale has more twists and turns than the well known, and previously Disney produced, story of Belle and her Beast.

In the story a polar bear approaches a man and offers to make him rich if he will give him his most beautiful daughter, he does and the bear takes the young woman to an enchanted castle. Every night, once there, the prince sheds his polar bear skin and comes to rest beside her in their bed. However, he warns the young woman not to look at him. Things come to pass, and eventually she does look at him and discovers he’s a handsome prince. Because she looks he is cursed to return to his evil step mother and marry a troll princess. To save him, the young woman takes off on a journey to save the prince, who she has fallen in love with.

Why we think this would make a great Disney film: Firstly, it would be very simple to change the young woman in the story into a young man, and present a fresh LGBT tale for a young audience. The story has adventure, intrigue and characters who actually prove their worth and love to one another. The approach of simply letting gay characters exist in a universe so full of magic and fairy tale wonder, would also be relatively easy.

Who should play the roles (in our opinion):

Chris Hemsworth as the Polar Bear Prince & Matt Dallas as the young man


The Story: The Pharaoh Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut came to the throne in Egypt in 1478 BC, only the second confirmed female pharaoh. She’s been described as the first great woman of history, and was one of the most successful and long ruling pharaohs in Egypt’s history. During her reign she established trade routes and was one of Egypt’s most prolific builders. Hatshepsut also dressed in ceremonial pharaoh attire, which included a headdress, kilt and false beard. Though it was not known if she was transgendered or gender fluid, she did refer to herself as “her majesty, the king” and was notorious for looking for ways to synthesize the image of king and queen.

Why we think this would make a great Disney film: Gender norms are presented in nearly every form of entertainment consumed by kids. How great would it be to present a gender fluid Disney king? I mean, seriously. I would pay all the money to see that.

Who should play the roles (in our opinion):


Janelle Monae as Hatshepsut, there is no other valid choice.

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