Make Your Own Disney Park Treats

It’s cold here in the Midwest and that means we have a lot of spare time to do things indoors. It’s a good time to try new food recipes. Might as well be some of our favorites from the best place on Earth!


Pineapple Dole Whip

This tart treat has been a staple at the Disney parks since the 1970’s. It can be made vegan-friendly but most say that adding milk makes the treat more creamy. This recipe is one of the better ones out there but you can find simpler ones on Pinterest.



Disney would not feel or smell like right without walking past the cinnamon scented cart. Churros are not unique to the parks by any means but they make for a fast and easy snack to get some sugar rush throwing through your system to keep you going to the next attraction. Fried food isn’t always the cleanest snack to make so here is a baked churro recipe.


Carmel Apples

Disney makes some of the coolest and elaborate carmel apples. Whether they are character themed or covered in tasty treats, no one should leave a park without trying one. They are a bit of work but totally worth it once you take the first bite. Follow the instructions in the middle of this article to make your very own Mickey or Minnie apple.

There are many more delicious treats you could make based off the magic kingdom. Those are for a different time though. What ones are your favorites? Let us know so we can add them the next time we do an article like this.

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