New Year, New Disney Work Out Clothes

It’s no secret that a lot of people’s New Year’s resolutions include getting into shape. It’s hard work, and it’s easy to lose motivation, but something that keeps us going to the gym is feeling good and loving the clothes you wear to work out in. They may get sweaty and disgusting by the time you’re done, but when you walk in, you can look like Disney Princess/Prince, or channel your favorite bad a*s Marvel superhero. Here are a few of our favorite workout wear essentials for all of you heading back to the gym.

  1. Channel your inner sass with these Meg Tanks

(Find them HERE)

2. Be Honest, fitness takes time.


(Get your Baymax fix HERE)

3.  Remember that…


(Get it HERE)

4. Keep in mind the benefits of fitness.


(Get it HERE)

5.  Keep it simple with this Hercules quote, the demi-god knows what he’s talking about.


(Get this simple tank HERE)

6. Remember you’re a doer.


(Find Yoda’s wisdom HERE)

7. Geek out with these underappreciated Black Widow shorts

bw (Get them at Think Geek)

8. Remember to be courteous of those working out around you.

(Check out this amazing design HERE)

8.  March with your friends.


(Join the dark side HERE)

8. Exercise can help you buck up when you’re feeling down…


(Suit up HERE)

9. Study up and get in shape for your next trip to Disney World.


(You are HERE)

10. Get in the queue for your own limited edition Disney running shoes.


(Find out how HERE)

If these items aren’t enough to inspire to get your workout on, I don’t know what is. Good luck to all you New Year’s Resolution-ers, and to of all you who continue your journey towards fitness. We’ll be trudging along beside you, hopefully in an amazing outfit. 😉

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